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Meet the Governors

The Governing Body

The governing body is responsible for the conduct of the school and promoting high standards of educational achievement. Governors provide a strategic view of the school by establishing a vision and setting the purpose and aims of the school within an agreed policy framework, appoint and performance manage the headteacher and agree the school improvement strategy and staffing structures. Governors monitor and evaluate the work of the school, agree policies and review the effectiveness of the policy framework, progress towards targets, and the effectiveness of the school improvement strategy.  Governing bodies are required to meet a minimum of three times a year. In July 2015 a review by governors decided to dispense with a committee structure and  for the full governing body to meet half termly (six times each school year) to discuss all aspects previously delegated to the Resources and Learning Community Committees. All members of the Governing Body only sit on this Governing Body and no others.  None have any declared business interests. There are no relationships between governors and members of the school staff (including spouses, partners and relatives). The clerk to the Governing Body is Dr Carsten Kressel and he can be contacted on callands_governor10@warrington.gov.uk.

Governing Body Membership


Lisa Wigglesworth - Headteacher

I joined Callands as Headteacher in January 2012, having been a Headteacher of another primary school in Warrington for four years.  I also live in West Warrington and  I have a child who attends the school in Year 2.  I  began teaching in 1997 in Surrey, before moving to teach in Wiltshire and then Warrington.


Dennis Pickering - Chair of Governors

Local Authority governor – appointed by the local authority.

I was elected to the governing body in the summer of 2010 as a Local Authority governor and have lived in Warrington, currently Woolston, all of my life.

I have one daughter and am now retired having been previously a manager in the Customs and Excise at Warrington and later at Wigan.

I have been a primary school governor for over twenty years and have extensive experience in the roles of chair, vice chair and committee chair, and I look forward to continuing to play an active role in the journey to make Callands Community Primary School an outstanding school.

Term of office expires 5 October 2018.


Allan Butcher - Vice Chair of Governors/Disadvantaged Governor

Co-opted governor – appointed by the governing body.

I became a parent governor in autumn 2010 when my son started reception. During the subsequent years the school has made significant improvements, despite challenging circumstances. This transition has been made possible by the dedication of the leadership team, teachers, pupils and the governing body.  However, the leadership team and governing body recognise that parents and pupils demand much more and are therefore determined to build on current successes.
Although Callands school has seen some turbulent times, I passionately believe that it provides a wonderful and happy learning environment where children, of all abilities, are nurtured in a caring and compassionate way to become the best that they can be.

Term of office expires 15 December 2018

Amy Turner

Co-opted governor – appointed by the governing body.  

I am currently Assistant Principal at Penketh High School. My aim is to strengthen relationships between the two schools,   support the transition from primary to secondary, share good practice and ultimately to support the young people of Callands Primary School to achieve their very best.  

At Penketh, I have responsibility for Teaching & Learning and Newly Qualified Teachers.  I also teach French and Spanish. I am looking forward to contributing to the work of the governing body. 

Term of office expires 6 July 2019

Janine Scott/Safeguarding Governor

Parent governor - elected by parents

I have been a governor at Callands since my daughter Ava began reception in 2009. My son Joe is currently in Year 4. I am very passionate about my role as a Governor and the school as a whole. As a former teacher and a parent I feel I bring the two sides of the school together in views and decisions that are expressed and made. 

Term of office expires 9 December 2018


Julie Lee

Staff governor – elected by members of staff

I am currently in the position of Teacher Governor. Until recently, my daughter also attended this school from YR-Y6.

I have had varied teaching experience and have worked in Nursery and Reception classes at my previous school, in my home county of Yorkshire and EYFS – Y3 in this school. I have worked at Callands School for the past 20 years and therefore have been an integral member of the journey the school has taken.

I enjoy my role as Governor for two main reasons. Primarily it allows me to share the experiences of the staff currently working in school and secondly it allows me to place issues arising in the school, into a much wider context e.g. budgetary needs.

Term of office expires 29 March 2020 


Nicola Williams

Co-opted member – appointed by the governing body.

My name is Nicola Williams and I work as a Year 4 teacher at Callands. I have worked at the school for 11 Years and taught across the Key Stages from Year 1 to Year 4. I have a 10 year old daughter and a 6 year old son.

Throughout my teaching career at Callands, I have led Physical Education, English and Computing.

I feel passionate about my role as a Governor. By seeing the school run on a day to day basis I feel that I am able to give an inside perspective of the strengths in the school and areas that need developing. My overall aim is to ensure that as a school we perform to the best of our ability and ensure that all children reach their true potential.

Term of office expires 30 April 2018.

Selina Miller/Finance Governor

Parent Governor - appointed by parents

My oldest child joined Callands school 11years ago. During this time the school has been through challenges but the staff have always been committed to the children and their progression for the future.  Their commitment and passion shows a great start for any child and has proven to help prepare them for further education.  My aim as governor is to keep the great standard and improve in any way to ensure every child achieves their true potential.  

I am also an active member of the FOCS for the last 10 years. FOCS is a charity set up to raise money for the school to buy things not affordable in the schools budget. This is a great way for parents to get involved and also see how children interact outside the curriculum. It gives them opportunity to see the fun side of school, to be treated as an individual and allows them more independence. 

Term of office expires 23 September 2019

Karen Morris

Co-opted member - appointed by the governing body

I am a co-opted Governor at Callands Primary and am very much enjoy this role.  As an experienced Headteacher in Warrington, and currently the Headteacher at Beamont Community Primary School, it has been my privilege to work with leadership team members from Callands over the last few years, to learn from them and to hear of the school’s exciting improvement journey. 

I live in Warrington and have two sons, aged 10 and in Year 6 of a Warrington primary school, and one aged 4 and in Reception.

Term of office expires 24 January 2020

Kelly Woodward - SEND Governor

I am currently SENDCo at Penketh High School for KS3 and work with students who have additional needs within the school environment. My aim is to ensure the smooth transition of students with special educational needs into secondary education.

I hope to be able to play my part in supporting the governing body to ensure that all Callands students achieve their true potential.

I live in Warrington and have two children, age 1 and 6. My daughter is in Year 3 at a local primary school. 

Co-opted member - appointed by the governing body

Term of office expires 13 February 2021

Emma Morris

I am a co-opted governor and also have a son in year 4.  I have spent the past 14 years working within Criminal Justice settings and recognise the importance of children having a positive experience in education as this has a significant impact on their development and wellbeing. Since my son joined the school it has faced a number of challenges but it is an environment that encourages children of all abilities to learn and develop and I want to work as part of the governing body to continue this. Co-opted member - appointed by the governing body

Term of office expires 13 February 2021

Governors who have served on the Governing Body in the last 12 months

Heather Lockley 14.02.2017 - 31.10.2017

Wayne Harrison 15.06.2014-01.02.2017

Debbie Cartwright 07.09.2015-31.01.2017

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