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Temporary School Meal Menu

Due to staff shortages, issues with suppliers and deliveries, the LA School Meals Service have made a temporary adjustment to the menu.

Food Plan

School meals are prepared on site in the school's kitchens.  Our school cook, Helen Higham is available should you wish to speak to her about any specific dietary need your child may have.  Please call in at the main office or telephone the school number to speak to her.

School hot dinners cost £2.40 per day. Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are provided with a free hot dinner every day.

Should you wish to send your child with a packed lunch, please make sure that it has their name and class name written on to the bag.  We encourage healthy eating at school and for that reason prefer children to not bring sweets, chocolate bars or similarly unhealthy snacks.  We ask that they bring water or fresh fruit juice for their lunch, no fizzy drinks.  

We take part in a number of events to promote healthy eating and letters will be sent home to promote this.

We are working closely with Warrington School Meals Service to develop against the school food plan. For more information on this please click on the link below www.schoolfoodplan.com

The plan is all about promoting and encouraging good eating habits. We currently do this in a number of ways, including:

  • The Senior Leadership Team eat in the school hall with the children. This is to encourage good manners, eating habits, looking at the quality of food being served and the interaction between the children.
  • Encouraging the children to experiment and there is a mix of familiar and new foods. We ask our children to 'have a go' and try all food.
  • Local suppliers are used.
  • Choices are managed by the kitchen staff to ensure that they get a balanced meal. Children all have vegetables put on their plate to try.
  • All packed lunches are encouraged to be healthy with no sweets or fizzy drinks allowed.
  • Mid-morning break has healthy choices only served daily by the kitchen. Children may bring in cheese and crackers, breadsticks or fruit and vegetables from home if they prefer.
  • Tap water is widely available to all children and they are encouraged to keep hydrated.
  • The dining room is spacious, clean and attractive.
  • Queuing times are kept to a minimum with children only brought into the hall when the hatch is almost free. Lunch is staggered so that the hall does not become over crowded.
  • All children stay on site for lunchtime (unless there is a specific reason given to the Head teacher)
  • Children sit with their friends to encourage a social dinner time.
  • Lunch time is structured to ensure that children are not rushed when eating as well as having plenty of time to take part in lunchtime games.
  • Our youngest children come into the hall first whilst it is less crowded and quieter, also giving them the maximum time to eat their lunches.
  • Menus are displayed above.
  • Our school cook attends welcome meetings with parents to answer questions and share examples of food being served.
  • Lessons support learning around healthy choices and nutrition.
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